Pre-conference Workshops

Wednesday, June 14

1:30pm 3:00pm

W1. Preparing for the SUNY Library Services Platform

LSP Evaluation Team Representatives: Shannon Pritting, Katherine Brent, Jennifer DeVito, Michelle Eichelberger, Charles Lyons, David Schuster, Wendy West

SMSP Team: Jennifer Smathers, Megan Coder, Laura Evans, Jen Frys, Katie Jezik, Gail Pawlowski & Nancy Poehlmann

Over the past two years, librarians from across SUNY and the OLIS have been reviewing options for SUNY’s first Library Services Platform (LSP), which will serve as a key tool to enhance strategic cooperation among libraries. At this session, the LSP will be introduced, and key features and opportunities will be presented. The organizational structure and committees related to the LSP will also be presented, and an overview of the planning and preparation to successfully move to an LSP will be discussed.  One major initiative that the LSP will bring is a shared bibliographic environment.  The SUNY Metadata Policies and Standards Committee (SMSP) will report on their activities to assess current practices and develop policies and standards for the new shared LSP.

W2. Renovations in SUNY LibrariesA Panel Presentation from eight SUNY Campuses

Karen Gelles, Laura Costello, Kristin Hart, Carleen Huxley, Sara Quimby, Cynthia Tysick, Madeline Veitch, Cori Wilhelm, Lydia Willoughby

Hear from librarians at eight SUNY libraries as they share their recent renovation experiences in a panel presentation. Panelists will share valuable lessons learned in the planning and implementation of renovated spaces, both large and small. Topics will include gathering input, working with architects, functioning during construction, and working in new spaces. Each panelist will share photos of their spaces, and there will be time for moderator and audience questions.

W3. Storymapping: Telling a Story through Your Digital Collections

Anne Larrivee

The digital tool GIS Story Maps offers a user-friendly, engaging way to present your digital collections. It has become a popular tool within most digital scholarship toolkits, it’s open to the public, and it does not require hours of training. This workshop will offer a brief introduction to how to create a GIS Story Map and present an opportunity for attendees to highlight one of their library collections.

W4. Adopting an Open TextbookHands-On

Alexis McMillan-Clifton & Laura K. Murray

SUNY OER Services (SOS) at Open SUNY Textbooks (OST) supports OER initiatives across SUNY. This workshop covers resources and best practices for discovering, evaluating, adapting, and curating open content and OER with faculty members. The specific example used will be the Information Literacy open textbook by Dr. Trudi Jacobsen. Participants will gain hands-on experience with the OST editing platform and other tools.